types of hair extensions

5 Best Types Of Hair Extensions

What are the best Types of Hair Extensions?

Many women want to know about best types of hair extensions. What is hair extension? Hair extension is a way to add length, volume, and also color to your hair. For woman who wants to be more beautiful than before, hair extension can be the best choice to try.

There are so many women who have tried hair extensions. They try it because it can make them more confident than before. Some women also choose hair extension because they can get desired hair without waiting for long time. But, some of them feel confuse to choose best type of hair extension. Yes, there are some types of hair extensions you can choose. Read the information below to know about best and popular hair extensions you can try.

types of hair extensions

Best Types of Hair Extensions

Actually, there are some recommended best types of hair extensions for you, such as:

1.     Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond

It is popular hair extension that has been used by many women. It uses U-tip bonds with silicone will be attached to your hair using heating element. Finally, hot extension tool will melt the bond to your hair. The bonds are close with the root of your hair, it leaves some space to make your hair can move naturally.

2.     Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-Tip

In this method, small sections of your hair will be pulled through small bead and clamed shut using a special tool. If you choose this method in reputable company, that company will use silicone and copper cylinder lined to protect your hair.

3.     Tape in Extensions

Actually, it is the newest type of hair extension. In this type, the hair stylist will prepare three or four-inch hair extension track. After that, the stylist will determine hair that has same size with hair extension. Finally, hair extension will be attached under and above the natural hair.

4.     Sew-in or Braided

It is other type of hair extension that is good for you who have thick or curly hair. To create the base for the extensions, your hair will be braided. Using a needle and thread the wefts will be sewn into the braids.

5.     Clip-ins

It is type of hair extension for you who like simple method. Yes, clip-in hair extension can be removed easily before bedtime. If you don’t like clip in hair extension, you can buy hairpieces that can be attached using an undetectable wire. Finally, hopefully you can choose one of best types of hair extensions to make you more confident than before.

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