Tape in Hair Extensions Photo

Tape in Hair Extensions – Why You Need This

What is Tape in Hair Extension?

Have you ever heard about tape in hair extensions? Actually, it is one of types of hair extensions. Nowadays, there are some types of hair extensions can be the choice for woman. But, we can call tape in hair extension as best and newest hair extension today.

Tape in Hair Extensions Photo

Tape in hair extension has simple method. A hair stylist will prepare hair extensions which the top side have been attached with tape. After that, the hair stylist will choose the part of your hair to be attached by hair extension. After removing the cover of tape, hair extension will be applied below the hair first, and the other one will be attached above the hair. The number of hair extensions depends on your need. The more hair extension you use, the more your hair looks long and thick.

Do I Need to Choose Tape in Hair Extension?

For women who have not been tried hair extensions, they may feel so doubt to try tape in hair extensions. Actually, you don’t have to be doubt. There are so many reasons of why you have to try tape in hair extensions, such as below:

  • Save Cost and Time

Actually, tape in hair extensions chosen by many people because it saves much cost and time. Yes, tape in hair extensions are easy to apply on your hair. A hair stylist may need one hour to apply tape in hair extensions on your hair. Not only that, the cost is similar with other hair extensions, even it is cheaper than other hair extensions type.

  • Low Maintenance

Compare to other hair extensions type, tape in hair extensions are the easiest hair extensions to maintain. Because it just uses thin tape, it is so easy to maintain. You can easily clean your hair and also maintain your hair without worrying about anything. Even because the tape is so elastic, you will not feel difficult to maintain your hair extensions.

  • Flexible

As mentioned before, tape in hair extensions have thin tape to attach hair extension with natural hair. The thin tape is so flexible and will make you easy to trim your hair. You can use hair bands without worrying about your hair extensions.

Compare to other type of hair extensions, tape in hair extensions are also durable and not easy to be damaged. So, tape in hair extensions can be your recommendation whenever you want to try hair extensions.

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