Sew in Hair Extension Treatment

If you want longer hair in short time, there are several options that you can choose from, including of supplement which promise you to increase your hair growth and wig which is not always look natural. Then one of your best options is hair extension and choosing one of best hair extension method which is suit for you. One of option that you can choose is sew in hair extensions which are typically made from human hair. This is means that it has a good and smooth quality, to attach this extension, your hairdresser will braid your hair along the scalp, then sewing the track of hair into the braids as well. A good and right caring treatment will make your extensions getting last longer and look better as well. By washing, gentle handling and conditioning can contribute your extension in a good condition.

You should also pay attention the technique in order to prevent injury in your hair or scalp, which is able to occur during attachment phase or causing by stress from having the same hair style in long period time. Ensure that your hair in a good condition before applying this method because it requires enough strength to support this additional length.

Best care treatment for your sew in hair extensions

You can apply oil on your scalp anytime you are feeling itchy because of the tight braid. You can apply little coconut oil by using your fingertip and spread out to the affected area. Keep in mind that you cannot scratch your head which can lead getting noticeable track and frizzy roots as well. you should wash your hair in each seven to 14 days. Choosing high-quality shampoo and gentle substance, such as baby shampoo.

Then you can pat your hair dry after you having shower, because rubbing your hair using towel can roughen your hair cuticles and causing messy hair shafts as well. Let your extension is dry first before you go to bed, when you are sleeping with wet hair extension also can lead damage them as well. of course, you should pay attention when you style your hair. When your hair getting tangling after shower, then you can start from the bottom extension and work in your way to reduce pulling off your hair. When you want to get different color, your stylist can provide you with sew in hair extensions which already had the color and style that you want for.

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