permanent hair extensions style

Permanent Hair Extensions and Its Benefits

Permanent hair extensions are really popular among the women. They who ever tried to do hair extension before might want to get the longer period for the beautiful hair. Many hair stylists provide variety kinds of hair extension with their own beauty. Do you know about permanent hair extension? What kinds of benefits that you can get from having this kind of hair extension? Well, here we are going to tell you more about it below.

permanent hair extensions style

Permanent Hair Extensions

I am sure that many of you are so familiar with hair extension. The hair care method which is used to extend the hair and to make it more stylish. Then, have you ever heard about permanent hair extension before? If we say about permanent, it should be something which is temporary or semi-permanent, right? Well, they are absolutely two kinds of hair extension. They are temporary and permanent hair extensions. The differences of these two types of extension is on the method and durability. There are two methods of permanent hair extension, such as: weaving and fusion. First, weaving is one method which are used to put the hair extension. People can wear the hair extension through this method for 3 to 4 months. Weaving is the traditional technique to extend your hair. If you want to get more than hair clip extension, people can choose this method. The new hair is tide into your real hair through weaving. It will be strong enough for the new hair standing on your head. Then, the second method of permanent hair extension is fusion. Fusion is the method which adapt the technique of bonding. It will use the hot tool such as bonding tool to make the tip soften and can stick on the real hair. People need to repeat the extension for along 2 to 3 months.

Benefits of Using the Permanent Hair Extensions

  1. It can increase the volume of your hair. Sometimes, many women are so disappointed with their thin hair. They want to have the big amount of hair. By using the permanent hair extension, it will increase your hair volume.
  2. People don’t need to go to the hair stylish too often. By putting the permanent one, they only need to change the hair for around 3 months.

3.     People’s hair will look so natural and the additional hair cannot be seen by others if you use the weaving as the best technique for permanent hair extensions.

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