natural hair extensions reviews

Natural Hair Extensions: Why It’s Superior than the Others

Natural hair extensions have become increasingly popular for the past few years, and it is not without a reason. Hair extensions have the ability to transform even the shortest and finest locks into the most luxurious and lush gorgeous flowing tresses that one can only dream of. However, when it comes to hair extensions, many women are at a loss as to which one is better: the synthetic, or the natural one. See the differences and find out why majority of women tend to lean towards the natural one.

The many types of natural hair extensions

natural hair extensions reviews

People have been wearing wigs since the 60s during the infamous beehive era, but it was only in the beginning of the 80s did artificial hair extensions make its way to the limelight. Widely referred to as Pinchbrad Extensions, the most popular hair material used at the time was synthetic fibers; this synthetic hair was made of various fibers with no trace of human hair and could not stand heat whatsoever.

The aforementioned drawback inspired many manufacturers into making a synthetic hair made of fiber which could withstand heat – they came up with Futura, a new type of synthetic fiber which may withstand heat of up to 200-degree celsius, thus making it possible for it to be styled. However, the latest invention is to use natural human hair for the extension material. Made of three-layered keratin called the medulla (the inner layer), cortex (mid), and raw cuticle (the outer layer); this type of extension is also complemented with pigment cells which are evenly distributed all throughout the cortex.

Why natural hair is the best choice you can buy

Despite its predictably more expensive price, extensions made of natural hair have quickly become the most popular choice for a number of reason. The primary reason is the fact that natural human hair has the most durability as well as ease-of-use compared to synthetic hair extensions – that alone makes this hair the best value for money option there is. On top of that, this type of extensions also come in endless variety of style and color, from dark natural black to platinum blonde. The best of all? The fact that it is made of natural human hair, it essentially means that it blends naturally and effortlessly with our hair and we can treat it just how we treat our real hair. Dye it, cut it, straighten it, curl it, do whatever we want and our natural hair extensions still will not fade or lose its smooth texture or shine.

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