micro bead hair extensions

Micro Link or Micro Bead Hair Extension

You do not be confused because micro link extension is also known as the micro-loop or micro bead hair extension as well.  When you consider adding length in your hair, extension might your best answer. These pieces can make your hair getting longer, shinier, fuller in very short time. As we know that there are several application methods, but this micro bead extension method becomes popular and do not show any slowing sign. It will not take time-consuming as well as other methods, last longer and lower cost than the other methods did. This is also one reason why many people prefer to get micro bead hair extensions as their best method. When the beads are getting slip out from the place, they are easily to be moved back into hair shaft.

Before you start the process of micro beads installation, ensure that your hair in a good condition. You need healthy hair because the drier hair whether broken and damaged hair can make a good extension on you. This is true in this method because the beads will groove inside which can be damaged the hair shaft when they are connecting each other. So, this is better that you should ensure that your hair is really in a good condition.

micro bead hair extensions

Treatment for micro bead hair extensions

You are allowing washing them in the same way as you wash your natural hair and using same styling product as well. This is similar with fusion, they should be re-positioning in each 2 to 3 months as well as your natural hair is getting grow and these micro beads can move away from the scalp position. Once again, this method also causes damage to your hair, because they required bead or ring, heat along with the clamping equipment as well. As mentioned above that this extension same as the fusion extension, considering as semi-permanent and they can last around 4 months. However, this is also depending on your treatment and maintaining method.

This is true that they are safe and free damage when you are receiving applied and removed method properly. Of course, they still bring a bit damaged as mentioned before, due to its heat and clamp tools. They have also become one of most common extension type which experiencing difficulties by client and stylist as well. Because there is no glue, then oil from your sweat can be your issue.

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