hair extensions types for short hair

Hair Extensions For Short Hair – Tips

Hair extensions for short hair will be helpful for the one who wants to get the long hair. Waiting your hair to grow might take some years. Many people cannot be patient to wait the hair growth. Having the hair extension can become the dream which will come true for the people with the short hair. The hair extensions can be the best treatment for solving the wish to get the long hair. Here, we are going to tell you about the best techniques and tips for choosing the good hair extension for short hair.

Best techniques of hair extensions for short hair

Many people think that applying hair extensions for short hair can be really difficult. They need the master hair stylish to put the hair extension for the short hair. There are some best techniques that we want to share to you if you have the short hair and want to do hair extension. First, the technique of strand by strand is really popular. People only need to put a group of hair into the polymer bonds into the side of your hair root. It is still good for the 4 months usage. Many people are interesting to apply this method to extend their hair. Second, clip in hair extension can be the best ways to make your hair longer and more volume. It is not permanent types of hair extension. People can easily change the style, volume and anything as they want. They can easily take out the clip of hair and wash the hair without any worry. Third, tape extension can become the alternative way for the short hair people. There is no effect which is caused by applying this tape extension. People use the special tape to stick the additional hair into your real hair.

hair extensions types for short hair

Tips hair extension for short hair

  1. People can get the hair extension or add the hair to make it longer if they have minimum 2 inches length of their hair. It requires some centimeters from the hair root to apply the tape or clip for the hair extension.
  2. You can only take around 5 to 7 bundles for the hair extension. It is better not to take more than that bundles for the long hair. Applying for around 5 bundles will make your hair looks natural.
  3. You have to choose the experience hair stylist to get the advice and consultation about the best hair extensions for short hair.

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