Hair Extensions Cost

Hair Extensions Cost and Its Price for The Maintenance

When discussing about hair extension, the topic of hair extensions cost often becomes the most asked one by many people. Even though there is already one best hair extension with top quality, some people often choose to go with second best or another to match the budget they have. Therefore, this article will answer your curiosity regarding the price of hair extension.

Type of hair extension and the hair extensions cost for each

If you wonder about the cheapest hair extension among all, the synthetic one is the answer. It is because this type of hair extension does not use real human hair. Not having far difference with the synthetic hair, non-Remy extension hair also has cheap price, since it only used low quality of hair. If you want to go with better quality, you can choose the Remy human hair. It used remy human already and can give you well look in medium quality. Following the benefits, the price of this hair extension also comes in a little bit higher cost compared to the 2 previous types. The best choice indeed is the Remy human hair with the cuticle intact. It included in hair extension with the highest cost. It may have few hundred dollars you need to afford compared to other types of hair extension. However, your money will be paid off as you enjoy the various benefits you can only get from this hair extension.

Hair Extensions Cost

Hair extensions cost for its maintenance

If you want to calculate your allowance carefully before purchasing hair extension, the price of it is not the only one thing to consider. Every hair extension needs well maintenance, even though different types may need different treatment as well. On the following paragraph, we will sum up the cost you need to take good maintenance for all types of hair extension in average.

If you want your stylist to apply the clip extensions as well as cut it for you, then you might need $100 up to $200 to spend. Sewing in the hair also needs additional charge range from $100 up to $400. On the other hand, having tape extensions might needs you to pay another $200 up to $800. On the other hand, having micro or fusion method, which done strand by strand, may cost you for $1000 up to $2500. After knowing these price range, you can choose any maintenance you think needed by your extension, which also match with your budget.

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