fusion hair extensions review

Fusion Hair Extensions – All You Need to Know About

What are fusion hair extensions? This type of question is the most common one, which appears on every woman’s head, every time the discussion about hair extension started. Below, this article will share you about some facts you need to know regarding fusion hair extension.

General information about fusion hair extensions

fusion hair extensions review

To begin with, fusion hair extension considered as the most popular type among many other form of hair extensions. It is more recognizable compared to extensions type in tapes, beads, or even tubes. Nowadays, there are two popular term following this type of hair extension. Most people call it hot and cold. The hot one involved the form of glue, wax, or similar thing used to fuse the base hair by using hot fusion tool. For your information, the original form of fusion hair extension actually was in this type. On the other hand, the cold one comes as an alternative for the hot one. It claims to use gentler and kinder form of fusing the extension hair to the base hair. Both of these types serve its benefits and lack. Therefore, it does not matter which one you choose as long as it can fulfill your needs.

The use of fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extension is one of the best extensions any women can use. Many experts claim that this extension can last securely for about 6 months. This period considered far longer than any types of extensions. However, this fact also depends on every situation and condition having by any women who use it. Some of the variables which can determine the amount of time for this extension to last are how fast of the natural hair to grow as well as the frequent time to brush or combed the hair. To have fusion hair extension in your head, you can fuse it strand-by-strand, or even in full wefts as well. The use of fusion hair extension also needs glue like other types of hair extension. However, many people feel that the glue used in fusion hair extension is unnoticeable. As a result, people can have their natural hair to move freely. Regarding the cost, some people might say that this type has the most expensive cost. However, through some searches, it is not right. Even though it is true, that fusion hair extension has high price, this type can give you many worth benefit any other extension cannot.

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