What's the best curly hair extensions

Curly Hair Extensions Types

Choosing curly hair extensions is one of the best options for anyone who want to have curly hair.  Indeed, hair extension always offers great change for women’s hair. It has many options available to give refreshing look. The curly style of hair extension has two kinds of type, which we will share to you on the following brief explanation.

Natural Curly Hair Extensions

Hair extension actually made from human hair. Indian Remy believed as the best quality of hair to make hair extensions. It is because the cuticle of this kind of hair is straight, flat, and will flow in the same direction. It also the shiniest as well as most lustrous hair you will ever see. Regarding the high quality it has, it is common for hair extensions made from this hair to have high price. On the other hand, you can also choose the next best European hair for other choice. European hair extension usually comes in a combination of Indian, European, as well as Latin American hair. Other benefits you can have from natural hair extension is, you can adjust any style you want. You can give color, highlight or even perm it. Moreover, it also has soft fell when you touch it. Meanwhile, you also need to consider the lack of this type. Hair extension in this type is often hard to find. It also needs well maintenance. Some people even used the help of professional. Last, this type can be heavy.

What's the best curly hair extensions

Synthetic CurlyHair Extensions

Beside the natural one, there is also synthetic type of hair extension you can choose. It goes in far more affordable cost, which will not run out your money. It also appears to have great result if you like to color your hair in red, purple, or even pink. This type of hairstyle indeed is the best option if you want to have short term of trial. It is because this type if hair extension is easy to find on the market as well. However, it also comes up with some lacks you need to know. First, you cannot use heated appliances to style your hair in this type of hair extension. Some people also feel that using this hair extension makes their scalp feel itchy and scratchy.

To sum up, every type of curly hair extension has its own benefits and lack. you are free to choose since you are the only one who knows what is the best option for your self and condition.

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