How to applying clip on hair extensions

Applying the Clip on Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions can be something familiar when you see the menu list of the saloon. Many hair stylist offer this kind of hair treatment. Clip on hair extensions can be something which is so famous because of its easiness to be applied. Many people are so curious about how to apply this kind of hair extensions. Can they put it by themselves? Well, we will discuss about it below.

How to applying clip on hair extensions

What do you need to put on the hair extensions?

It will be fun if we can treat and do style for our own hair. It is so wonderful if we can apply the hair extensions by our self. Applying the hair treatment is not too difficult, but is also not easy. There are some simple things that you need to prepare before applying the clip on hair extensions. First, people need to prepare the comb. Comb is used to comb the hair and make it neat. It will also be used to separate the hair part before applying the hair extensions. Second, you will need the vise hair (not must) to make your hair neat and more stylish. By arranging the style of your hair before applying the hair extension, it will increase the result. Third, people will need the rubber band or hair clip. They are used to tie your hair while it is classified. It will help you to make the hair parts neatly.


How to put on the clip on hair extensions?

There are some tips that you need to know about how to apply the clip on hair extension into your hair. First, people need to comb and make the hair neat. If it is needed, people can style their own hair to get better result. Second, people need to know how to open and lock the clip on the hair extensions. People need to press the bottom part of its clip and they have to pull or press up the clip to lock the hair extension. Then, if you have heard click sound, it means it is locked well. Third, you have to separate the top hair and the bottom hair horizontally. Fourth, you can put the hair extension on your real hair by press on the clip on hair extensions. The first part of the hair that you need to apply is on the line part of the ears. So you need to put between right ear and left ear for the clip on hair extensions.

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