clip in extensions review and deals

Clip In Extensions: The Best Temporary Extensions

For some women, diamonds are not their best friend, rather it is their Clip in extensions. Apologies for sounding a little too melodramatic there, but those who were unfortunate enough to be born with straight flat hair with fine strands would definitely agree with the struggle. Not only that, women who are unable to grow that enviable long and incredibly luscious tresses would know would also be able to relate with the struggle.

Types of clip in extensions

clip in extensions review and deals

Although we are not blessed enough to have such incredible locks, we are still fortunate to live in the world where technology has become so advanced and thus provides us with opportunities to give us a taste of what we do not have. Yes, hair extension is indeed the answer and it undeniably has become such a popular trend in this day and age. See the following list for our recommendation:

  • Cold fusion: this type of hair extension uses a method where your hair are parted into small sections and pulled through a small lock in order to be clamped shut and combined into one with strand-by-strand extension.
  • Tape-in: using either single-sided or double-sided polyurethane tape, the weft is then directly applied to the hair right after one side of its backing has been properly removed. This method is excellent for those with extremely thin hair on the side of the head and around the temple.
  • Glue-in: similar to tape-in method, the difference lies in the fact that it uses glue and only lasts temporarily.
  • Sew-in: ideal method for thick, coarse hair; client’s hair is braided before the weft are sewn into it.
  • Clip-in: using small pressure clips, the wefts can be easily applied and removed.

Why Clip-in extension may be the best option for you

As great as hair extension is, not everyone is ready to commit into having extensions in their head a long period of time. Not only that, due to the fact that most of the aforementioned types of extension are expensive and need proper maintenance, not everyone is able to afford to foot the bill for sets of extensions to enhance their look. Are these people doomed? No. You can still have that enviable stunning tresses, both length and volume, in a blink of an eye and without having to empty your life savings. Yes, while the price of Clip-in extensions largely depends on the type of hair used, they are still considerable cheaper than other extensions. On top of that, Clip in extensions is easy to use and even easier to remove.

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