Blonde Hair Extensions Types

Blonde hair extensions always catch people’s attention to try, especially women. Most women are so interested to apply this kind of hair extension. Having a beautiful hair is one of the women’s wishes. By applying the blonde hair extension, they hope that they will get more wonderful, prettier, gloomy, and thicker hair volume. Here, we are going to tell you about kinds of blonde hair extensions which are sold in some market. These kinds of blonde hair extensions always catch people’s dream to get the prettier hair through getting this extension.

Dirty Blonde

dirty blonde hair extensions

Dirty blond is also called as the dishwater blond. It is the natural color for the one who has the blonde hair. Many people have this kind of blonde hair naturally. The color is golden and it is darker than the beach blonde. Many people who has the brown color hair like to choose this type of blonde hair extensions as the right gradation for their hair color.

Beach Blonde

beach blonde hair extensions

Beach blonde is the types of blonde hair which is darker than the palest type of blonde hair. It is not the white color hair, but it looks little bit darker and it is not as dark as the dirty blonde. Many people are also so interesting to put on this type of blonde hair extensions because of its naturally looks. The color looks like the cream. The beach blonde is usually owned by the children.

Ash Blonde

ash blonde hair extensions

Ash blonde is the most natural looks for the blonde hair extensions. The combination of grey and ash color makes your hair prettier. This kind of blonde hair looks like the color of the sand in the beach so it is usually called as the sandy blonde. If you have the darker skin color, you can apply this ash blonde as your choice for the hair extensions.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde hair extensions

Then, strawberry blonde can be the right choice for the darker tone of the skin color. The one who has the darker skin would be better to choose this strawberry blonde hair extensions than the ash blonde. It will fit to the dark shades of your skin. The color of the strawberry blonde is more reddish than the other type of the blonde colors.  Strawberry blonde can increase your looking to be more beautiful and naturally sexy. So, strawberry blonde can also be the brilliant choice as the blonde hair extensions.

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