Best Hair Extensions 2017

Best Hair Extensions that You Should Know

There are many types of hair extensions out there, so you might find difficulties when it’s your first time consider applying of hair extensions. Of course, you will think about which one best on you, there is no exact answer and this information below might help you to choose the best one.

Best Hair Extensions 2017

Here, several types of best hair extensions:

The tape-in hair extension

This tape in hair extension is just made what it’s sound like. This extension is getting pre-taped and then taped together in both of your sides in your own hair as well. Generally, the hairdresser will apply this method if you want to align them to the root and they are applied by using the heated equipment which can heat their glue. When you want to remove them, you should apply glue remover and reinstalled them. The best thing is they only take around 40 minutes, of course, they are reusable if still in good condition.

The sew-in extensions or weavings

The weave hair was applied to your hair by braiding your natural hair become the corn row first, then these extensions were attached by using thread and needle, then threaded into the braid row. You should know that this type had been used for people who have thicker hair because they need more hair to mask. This method also takes longer time and often causing the strain in your scalp and sometimes uncomfortable.

Micro link extensions

This type is also known as the micro loop or micro bead hair extensions as well. These extensions were applied by looping these extensions through your natural hair. You will be pressing them by using special tools and the ring bead. They were fixed to the small sections from your natural hair then had been tightened with this special tool. It takes around 3 hours for applying.

The clip in hair extension

It comes with pieces of contoured strands, they are long and sometimes shorter along with clips which were sewn into the strand as well. These clips are sewn to the hair before they are ready to use and only with simple method by clipping these pieces in your natural hair, it’s all based on your own. This clip is using open and shut snap methods. This method also becomes the least permanent style by removing and using the back based on your need.

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