Bellami Hair Extensions Review

Bellami Hair Extensions Review

Bellami Hair Extensions are, without a doubt, one of the best extensions that almost everyone would swear by. It seems like everywhere you go, you will come across praises and satisfied comments of people who own the extensions. From online reviews, to social media celebrities in platform such as Instagram and Youtube; the summary of whatever they say is quite similar, they have tried the extensions and they are smitten with the quality and in love with how they make them feel when worn. But as a customer who has never owned an extension and is now considering to purchase one, you cannot help but wonder whether or not those reviews are genuine.

I know because I was one of you. I wanted to have an extension, and I would rather splurge on a quality product than purchase a cheap one and be disappointed later on. I am a firm believer in we have what we pay for – and my initial research brought me to a few brands, including Bellami. To be perfectly honest, almost all of the brands had raving reviews and it was a tad difficult for me to make a final decision. If you are dealing with the same issue, you are in luck because this article is written exclusively for you.

The secret to choosing the best hair extensions

Look, I was just as clueless as the next person. I knew how I wanted my hair to look like, I wanted to add more volume since my natural hair is as flat as a wet poodle. My natural hair is already long so I knew I wanted something that could be styled and cut. I had no experience in the field, but a best friend of mine who recommended Bellami told me that a great hair extension is the one that uses human hair and is well-made.

Why I chose Bellami Hair Extensions

Bellami Hair Extensions Review

Once I heard her advice, it did not take long until I finally decided it was Bellami that I was looking for. Then a few days later my order came in the mail and I was pleasantly surprised that the color matches my natural hair and blend-in perfectly. It’s terrific, I said. To be perfectly honest, I was terrified the first time I had to wear it because I was paranoid it would detach. Much to my delight, the clips are incredibly secure so they stayed intact just how I initially put it. The best thing from it? With Bellami Hair Extensions I can style, dye, and cut it.

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