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Why Clip in Hair Extensions?

The clip in hair extensions introduces a simple road towards the longer fastening mechanism. The number of the people starts increasingly moving towards inexpensive clip in hair extensions as an alternative. The clip in hair extensions is available in two forms usually. You can either opt for having a synthetic one or you like to have a natural hair. This process can fix the hair styles fast and like to seize a new appearance. The hair extensions are an outstanding process that can append the volume to the hair and make an experiment with your appearance.

They can be styled and washed which makes them a versatile way of achieving a new look. Hair extensions and hairpieces come in a range of hair types – wavy, curly and long straight and sleek; various textures and lengths.

Clip in hair extensions are the easiest way to add volume and thickness to your own hair among other hair extension: weaved hair extension, fusion hair extension, bonding hair extensions. The clips on these extensions are placed in hidden places, and when placed correctly and skilled, they will be invisible. The hair color similarity with your own hair places a great role in achieving a natural and flawless look.

Clip in hair extensions prices

Its prices range from 10 dollars to hundreds of dollars for a good quality full head set. A good quality hair extension will give you a natural look, and can last longer, up to six months.
Its appearance
When they are placed properly, they will be invisible. But if you move your hair to one side, the micro clips of the hair extension can be seen. To create natural appearance, buy top quality hair extensions and wear them in a right way.

Celebrities have been seen wearing hairpieces and clip in hair extensions for the past few months which has caused this hair accessory to become popular with women of all ages around the world. One of the most versatile forms of hairpiece is the clip on ponytail, which is simple and easy to attach to your own hair pulled back in a knot.

Let us come back to the first area of our guides areas. The hair comes from either human hair or from synthetic hair. Human hair is the best materials for the hair of hair extensions, when it comes to hair quality, hair texture, hair colors. However, it is not a good option in terms of its prices. Because of its quality, its prices come to higher than synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair extension, on the other hair, cannot be permed, heat, or colored.

Clip in human hair extensions can be applied with little practice. You can wear it at home.
Unlike the fusion or glued hair extensions, a woman does not need to spend money on other matching materials when choosing the type. You can also save money of going to a salon.

With hundreds of salons and brands around, it becomes difficult to choose the right clip in hair extensions. You need to remember that you look beautiful wearing them, so you should carefully choose the right hair extension that suits you the best. Here are the stated benefits of wearing right clip in hair extensions that you cannot afford to overlook:

1).Easy and Instant:

Clip in hair extensions offer the most effective solutions to add length to your hair. These are not like the bonded extensions involving technical equipment and specialist glue. Clip in hair extensions can be added in less than few minutes. The exceptional quality makes it difficult to distinguish from the real hair. However, you need to ensure the hair is matched by the color expert.

2).Add Volume, Length and Multi Wefts:

Wefts are strips of hair that are supposed to be added from the neck base up to the crown. Good quality clip in hair extensions come with wefts. This helps to add volume as well as length to your hair.

3).It is a No Risk Option:

You need not chemically alter color or cut your hair and yet get gorgeous results with clip in hair extensions. You can expect versatile styling, when the wefts are added and then removed by professionals. You have a wide range of color options to choose from. There won’t be any permanent change to the appearance of your natural hair. For many, clip in hair extensions has become the most preferred “hair replacement” option because of the length, volume and the colorful choices available.

4).Follicle Friendly:

You can choose between two options: weft or the permanent bonded extensions and temporary clip in hair extensions. A special kind of glue is used for the bonded hair extensions and a heated bonding tool is used to fix the extended hair. This puts an extra strain on the hair follicles. The clip in hair extensions on the other hand are fitted with tiny clips that grasp hair all across the head. You can easily remove the clip in hair extensions before going to bed, which puts no additional strain to your natural hair over the night.


Most of the women do not like wearing clip in hair extensions all the time. They like to keep them handy for use during the special occasions. The clip in hair extensions is portable and very easy to apply. It is in fact a perfect transition from “day” to “night”. You can carry them with you during the vacations, no matter how far you are, as you can easily attach them without any help from the experts.

Considering these five benefits, clip in hair extensions have become one of the best solutions for adding length and volume in hair. Looking online will help you find get further details about clip in hair extensions and about its growing popularity.

Provided that you will sustain your hair extensions, you will use it for several months because it will continue eye-catching as you first purchased it. There are lots of clip hair extensions available on the internet where you can select many of styles and colors you wish.

You can now try the different styles including the tousled hairstyles and side buns and no longer feel afraid to mix and match. Put into action your creativity and play with your hair.